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Every business is unique, but the challenge of covering the HR function for a small to mid-sized business is universal. Do you split the function? Do you hire a consultant? Do you hire a part-time HR professional?

“The average small business owner spends nearly $8,000

per employee

to stay in compliance with government regulations.”

- Small Business Administration

SharedHR is an experienced management consulting and human resource services firm. We believe the essence of an organization’s success rests with attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent. At SharedHR, we take the time to learn about your company and its culture in order to provide customized, service-orient- ed support to foster your success. SharedHR can supplement your payroll, benefits, and HR team or fully outsource your HR function. Our methodology streamlines your administrative processes using our cloud-based HR platform. Our approach offers flexible solutions to fit the needs of your small to mid-sized business. We pair each client with a dedicated and experienced associate who offers access to the combined knowledge and resources of our entire knowledge base and senior team. SharedHR Central, our integrated and paperless HR system, reduces administrative headaches and bottlenecks by helping managers and employees share information as well as responsibility for HR processes. Simplify your life. Hire an HR expert.




New Hire Onboarding
  Strategic Business / Family Consulting

Create an Employee Handbook
Payroll Administration
   Employee Engagement Surveys

Provide Employee Self-Service
 HR Software
   Culture Development

Install Integrated Payroll (optional)
Benefits Administration

Employee Retention Initiatives

Generate Custom Standards Reports
Leave Administration

Organization / Leadership / HR Assessments

Automate Onboarding with E-Hire
Policies and Procedures

Recruiting / Onboarding

Set Policies and Procedures
Compliance Updates

Compensation and Benefit Plan Design

Manage Benefits

Management Advice and Support

Track Performance Reviews and Training
On-Site Support as Needed

HR Strategy and Planning

Store Employee Documents
HR Services in Spanish

Talent Management Solutions

Use Pre-Loaded HR Templates

“The median award for employment-related claims is $326,640.”


Leave Administration

“SharedHR gives us peace of mind knowing that our HR is taken care of."

-AP Tech

Compliance and Manager Training

Mergers and Acquisitions Support

Expert Witness Testimony

(employment matters)

Consulting and Training Services in Spanish

“The average business owner spends

45% of his or her time on

administrative HR tasks.”

-Small Business Administration

As your trusted partner, SharedHR leverages paperless, cloud-based technology tointegrate and optimize your HR and administrative processes so you can focus on high-value business priorities. We work collaboratively to tailor a flexible solution that can be scaled and adjusted as the business ecosystem and your needs change. There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to managing a business. Let us put our 30+ years of human resources and management consulting expertise to work for you.





Focus on Your Core Business
  Get a Full HR Team at a Price
You Can Afford

Federal, State, and Local HR
Laws are Complex/ Let Us
Handle That

Align Employee Goals With Your
Minimize Redundant Administrative Work
  Benefit From a Flexible,
Customized Solution

Expert HR Advice Can Save You
Money in Legal Fees

Offer Fortune 500 Engagement Tools at a Price
You Can Afford
Install Benefits Administration
  Add Services as You Need
Them, Drop Them as You

Employment Laws Change as You Grow. Stay Ahead of the

Leverage and Grow Your
Employee Talent
Leverage Paperless HR

“30% of executives say motivating their

employees is their toughest challenge.

- The Creative Group

Track Employee

Performance, Training,

and Counseling

Empower Your Team with Self-Service

Use Our Survey Tool to Mea-

sure Engagement

Receive On-Site Support as Needed

Realize the Full Potential of

Your Employees

Automate Workflows