SharedHR delivers reliable, scalable, and strategic HR solutions in the areas of outsourcing, consulting, and technology.


Do you need HR help? Often, employers’ first thought is to hire in-house HR. But do you know the appropriate HR function design, the skill sets you really need for the future and how to evaluate them? Moreover, who will manage this new staff and function? Another option, which is frequently more robust and cost-effective, is to outsource to a professional Administrative Services Organization (ASO) like SharedHR.

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You get deep, high touch service, proven experience, and technology expertise when you delegate your HR function to a professionals like SharedHR.

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your HR

  1. We manage your HR function: Most leaders know their own business but few understand the technical side of HR. When you outsource to SharedHR, we manage the strategic, administrative facets of the HR function and connect the technology so you don’t have to.
  2. We get more work done in less time: You get more productivity from SharedHR than you would from a full-time internal person. With decades of experience, we know the HR best practices and we’re experts at leveraging HR technology. A single internal hire could not provide the same depth and breadth of knowledge and experience.
  3. We respond whenever you need us: We provide on-call support on nights, weekends, whenever your business needs it. We never go on vacation or take a leave. By working as a team, we are more responsive than a single individual would be. Our clients consistently score us “highly satisfied” with our responsiveness, accessibility and client service.
  4. We serve as your employee ombudsman: We handle all HR-related questions and complaints without the need for management from your organization. This frees up your managers to focus on their core responsibilities. In handling employee complaints, we pride ourselves on avoiding unnecessary workplace politics and drama.
  5. We learn your business: We believe in business-driven HR. We make it a priority to understand your business and then provide appropriate HR support as your needs change. Additionally, we provide the option of on-site time so that we can actually be part of your management team.

If you would like to learn more about our outsourcing services, please call us at 415-459-4400.

With our outsourcing services, we can either work in concert with your internal team or handle 100% of your HR administrative function. SharedHR offers:

  • HR administration: Each of our outsourcing clients is assigned a dedicated SharedHR consultant, who handles employee relations, employee benefits, and other day-to-day responsibilities, such as maintaining HR compliance. You can also choose to have SharedHR directly administer payroll.
  • Senior-level HR consulting: Each outsourcing client is paired with an Engagement Manager, who acts as your virtual VP of HR to provide high-level HR consulting. Having a knowledgeable VP of HR level partner who can help work through tough situations can save time and money.
  • Optional on-site HR support: SharedHR can also provide on-site HR services. Your SharedHR consultant will hold “office hours” and become the face of HR. They will take responsibility for your HR function without the need for management from your organization.

We provide two levels of HR outsourcing services: Essentials and Essentials plus Payroll. In both cases, we take on functions that you’re currently handling internally, freeing you from those responsibilities.


With our Essentials HR and benefits outsourcing service, we administer your HR function, including:

  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Leaves and Workers Compensation/Safety
  • Employee Relations/Employer Liability
  • Handbook and Policies
  • Administration and Compliance
  • Benefits Administration
  • Training Coordination
  • Separations

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SharedHR Essentials Outsourcing handles human resources and benefits administration to deliver:

  • Manager Support: Our technology backbone and experience team support managers in doing their share of the HR function.
  • Employee Support: Our HR professionals handle all employee questions, concerns, issues, and provide a business-focused ear.
  • Administrative Simplicity: We take a business process approach to HR outsourcing. We map all the key processes, determine who needs to be involved, and translate these processes onto an appropriate software platform.
  • We Foster a Strong Culture: We take the time to learn your culture so we can support managers in delivering it and employees in living it.
  • Employee Records: We clean up employee records, streamline recordkeeping, and convert everything to paperless behind a secure web-based platform.
  • Reporting: We provide regular reporting on your human resources, benefits, and payroll. We also facilitate strategic discussions on where your staffing and HR function should be headed.

Essentials plus Payroll

With our Essentials plus Payroll service, we provide HR and benefits outsourcing plus payroll, streamlining and integrating these processes to make it more transparent for everyone in your organization.

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Adding payroll to the bundle of products and services included in Essentials Outsourcing is the next logical step in coordinating your back office administrative functions. This addition provides:

  • Payroll Processing: We directly administer payroll, in addition to providing you with software.
  • Time and Attendance: We determine your time and attendance needs and help you select the right technology, if appropriate.
  • Electronic Benefits Deductions: We help you select the right software to process benefits deductions such as 401k, HAS, and other third party vendors.
  • Backup: As a consulting firm, we have a team of professionals who back each other up – we never go on vacation and leave you hanging.

We provide all our outsourcing clients with detailed reporting on your HR function. These reports serve to measure and align your HR function with your overall business objectives.

Bay Area Human Resources Services
“I wanted HR administration off my plate. SharedHR came in and took over HR, payroll, and benefits. That was over six months ago and I haven’t had to worry about my back office since.”

Financial Services Client
“Our HR systems were a mess. SharedHR came in and streamlined everything. Now all our onboarding, payroll, benefits and HR systems are seamlessly integrated. We have excellent reporting and online services and we’ve saved at least one FTE.”
Large Non-profit Client

HR & Management Consulting

Today most organizations recognize that they have to maintain morale, facilitate employee engagement, and provide proper training. They know that attracting, developing, and retaining talent is a crucial part of business success. But often the internal HR team doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on additional HR initiatives. SharedHR performs retained consulting and project work to address your strategic HR needs. We commonly provide the following services:

  • Employee Engagement Survey: A disengaged employee can cost an organization tens of thousands of dollars annually and erode company morale. We’ll gather feedback from employees, compare responses against benchmark data, and then suggest changes to help promote a strong culture. Learn more.
  • Performance Management System: Most successful businesses share a common attribute: talented employees working together to achieve goals. SharedHR can help you develop a performance management system that rewards top performers, reinforces positive behaviors, and measures the execution of strategic objectives. Learn more.
  • Compensation Analysis: A company whose compensation isn’t externally competitive or internally equitable will struggle to recruit and retain top talent and could face significant liability. We’ll review your base compensation structure to ensure it’s competitive and compliant. Learn more.
  • Manager Training: It’s said that employees leave bad managers – not bad jobs. SharedHR can train managers across your organization to make sure they understand the HR component of their job. As a result, you’ll improve your business execution and mitigate risk. Learn more.
  • HR Assessment: Employment liability is one of the top three risks faced by businesses. We’ll analyze your HR systems, calculate your HR compliance score, and give you a prioritized punch list of actionable steps to tune and improve your HR systems. You’ll feel secure in the knowledge that you’re effectively managing risk. Learn more.
  • Customized Employee Handbook and Policies: SharedHR uses a proprietary, multi-state, HR compliance model to maintain your employee handbook. We’ll create or update your handbook and policies to satisfy federal, state, and municipal compliance requirements. Learn more.
  • HR Compliance Toolkit: We’ve developed a web-based compliance platform to guarantee and maintain HR compliance. Our cloud-based platform includes a comprehensive employee handbook generator and well-organized model documents and forms that are all frequently updated, easily customized, and guaranteed compliant. We also offer hotline support with a trained HR professional when you need to talk through an issue. Learn more.

SharedHR also offers additional services to help you design a flexible HR function that fits your organization’s needs.

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SharedHR performs retained consulting and project work to help our clients improve the HR function within their organization. Our consulting services include:

Administration & Compliance

Time and Attendance System Integration
Wage and Hour Issues
Staffing plan and Structure
Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classification
Independent Contractor Relationships
State and Federal Postings
Records and Personnel Files
Benefits Analysis
Benefits Plan Design
Automated Benefits Enrollment
Integration of Documents and Internal Practices
HR Assessment
Day-to-Day Employee Relations Advice
Benefit Design
Benefit Cost Analysis
Salary Administration
HRIS Benefits and Payroll Technology

Leaves and Workers Compensation/Safety

Leave of Absence Outsourcing
Custom Leave Letters – Direct Employee Communication
Audit Leave Process (FMLA, Disability, Pregnancy, Personal)
Safety & Risk Management
IIPP Development
Workers Compensation Tracking/Admin
Personal Leave Tracking and Management
Modified Work Programs

Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring Process Maps and Coordination
Recruiting Strategy
Position Profiles
Sourcing & Selection Process
Organization Chart
Applicant Checklist
Hiring Checklist
Custom Offer Letters
Job Descriptions
Background Checks
Prestart Date Testing
ADA Accommodations
Employment Applications
Employment Agreements
I-9 Compliance
Applicant Tracking/Management
Orientation and Onboarding
New Hire Document Review

Compensation/Employee Development

Compensation Analysis/Base Compensation
Incentive-Based Compensation
Commission Systems
Executive Compensation
Compensation Metrics & Reports
Employee Surveys
Mentor Programs
Team Building and Assessment
Performance Management System Development
360 Feedback
Performance & Disciplinary Documentation


Custom HR and Technology Systems Training and Videos
Online Training Resources
Harassment & Discrimination Prevention
Core Supervisory Skills Development
Management Development
Custom Programs
Team Building
Leadership Development
Communications Skills


Disciplinary Actions
Termination Checklist
Separations Documentation
Wrongful Discharge/Demotion
Separation Agreements
Workplace Changes (Downsizing, Reorganizations, Layoffs, RIFs)
Exit Interviews
Turnover Management
Outplacement Services
Inactive Employee Tracking
Workplace Investigations (with Counsel)
Complex Separations Advice

Handbook and Policies

Create Employee Handbook
Policy Development
Update Handbook and Policies
Sexual Harassment
OSHA Requirements
Injury Illness Prevention Plans
Workplace Ergonomics
Workplace Violence
Drug Free Workplace Act
Documentation (EEOC/AAP)
Confidentiality Agreements
Arbitration Agreements

HR Strategy

Employee Engagement Surveys
Annual Offsite & Strategic Business Planning
Culture Development
Continuous Process Improvement
Succession Planning
Outsourcing Options and Evaluation
Union Avoidance
Management Reporting
HR Metrics
Employment Branding
Independent Contractor Agreements
Organizational Design
Organizational Restructuring
Labor Relations Strategy
Change Management
Sales Team Performance Development
Acquisitions/Merger Analysis and Support
Labor Negotiations
Union Contract Administration
HR Risk Management

If you would like to learn more about our consulting services, please call us at 415-459-4400.

Bay Area Human Resources Services
“SharedHR knows my business and has been through all the ups and downs with us. When I go to them with an HR question, they always look at the big picture. They’re an invaluable strategic resource for our organization.”

Manufacturing Client
“Our team is more productive, more engaged and all-around happier since we hired SharedHR. They know people and have outstanding customer service.”

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Significant time, technical skill and well- designed processes are required to set up new HR software and make it come alive in your organization. Even top HR professionals find it challenging to streamline legacy systems and workflows, then map them to new software while keeping daily operations running. Software companies provide basic support for their customers, but often not enough to get the system fully operational. That’s where SharedHR comes in. We partner with leading technology companies to implement paperless payroll, benefits and HR software. Our technology services include:

  • Payroll and HR software selection: For our clients in search of HR software, we’ll analyze your technology needs, help you choose the best provider, and provide the technical support necessary to build out your HR function.
  • HR software implementations: For our clients who wish to expand the capabilities of their existing technology, we’ll implement additional functionality, such as applicant tracking, time and labor management, and performance management. Our HR technology specialists will work with your internal team to customize your system to best fit your needs.
  • Systems integrations: Often as organizations grow, they layer one piece of software on top of another, but those legacy systems don’t always work well together. SharedHR’s technology specialists can help design the integration of your software systems to ensure they communicate properly.

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Bay Area Human Resources Services
“Technology isn’t my forte. SharedHR helped me choose the best HR technology for my business. And they laid out the options in terms I could understand.”
Non-profit Client